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Thank you!

This week, thanks to all of your efforts, DEATH ALLEY moved up to the 4th Position Globally (IMDb) as the most anticipated film in pre-production under $5M in the world.  Thanks to all of your support, LIKES, SHARES, VIEWS, and VISITS, DEATH ALLEY is on track, like a frontier a steam engine that is picking up speed every day!
You have been avid part of the DEATH ALLEY Team.  Please also consider supporting the project in other tangible and direct ways (pre-purchasing DVDs, screening tickets, and for some of you getting legitimate on and off screen experience) by contributing!
Contributions like yours help advance the film’s entire reach including the number of film festival submissions, offsetting unexpected production and post-production costs, food/meal preparations, travel, lodging, and expendable expenses and so much more!  Every dollar is greatly appreciated and will go straight toward making the world of DEATH ALLEY the best it can be.  Thank you for all being a part of the community of this film.  We couldn’t do it without you!


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